What methods of payment do AFM accept?

Auckland Fast Movers accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and EFT bank transfer as forms of payment.

How many days cancellation notice do I need to give if I have to call off my delivery or move?

We ask for 7 days notification if you need to cancel your booking.

Can you move once-off items, such as a piano?

Yes! From regular upright pianos to concert-size grand pianos – we move them all! Musicians use us frequently to transport their equipment around.

I need household contents storage as well as removal. Can you help me out?

Please contact us for more information. We are able to assist with storage facility choices.

What happens if one truck isn’t enough for my move? I have a garage and basement full of stuff.

If our biggest truck isn’t large enough to move all your household contents in one go, we have two options from which you can choose: (1) We can use out other truck if it’s available or, (2) We can return to pick up the rest of the items after unloading the first lot of contents at your destination.

Should I tip my removal crew?

You don’t have to tip the crew that helps you move (but a cup of tea and biscuit is always nice!)

Can you move my spa pool and kids’ playhouse as well?

Depending on the dimensions and the warranty outlines, we can move any structure that is not part of the house.

If I ask for a quote, am I then obligated to use AFM service?

Our quotes are all obligation free – feel free to ask us any questions you have!

I need a batch of items I ordered for my business picked up and delivered. Do you do that?

Yes, AFM delivers cargo and transports any safe items to your chosen destination.

Can I move during the lockdown?

Removals and deliveries are subject to lockdown levels. We will open on Level 3 and practice all government recommended health and safety measures.

I’m moving to an area that’s not listed on your website. Should I still ask for a quote?

Please ask us about all the areas we cover in the North Island.

How much notice do I need to give you before moving?

Most customers book us between 7 – 14 days in advance of the date on which they want to move. While we appreciate as much booking notice as possible, we understand that this is not always doable. Give us a ring if you have any moving emergency!

Do you always need to do a pre-move consult?

This is not always necessary. We will always be available to consult with you if you have special household contents removal needs.

Do you have a planning doc or list I can fill out?

When you make a booking, we will keep you up to date with all the planning and lists you need for a successful, stress-free move.

Can I pack my own cartons and stuff?

Please contact us to find out more about self-packing liabilities.

What about my fragile items?

We have a highly recommended technique for packing and transporting fragile items. Please contact us for more information.

Do you transport flammable liquids and gas cylinders?

We can only transport empty vessels and no flammable liquids are permitted (includes grass mowers and chainsaws).

Will you put my household contents in the places I want?

If you have a clear idea on where you want everything to go, we will place it there.

Will you help me unpack on the other side?

As our discount moving service is paid by the hour, if you’re on a tight budget then this is not recommended!

Do you have any insurance?

All removals are at the owner’s risk. This means no compensation will be paid for any losses, damages, or shortages. It is acknowledged, agreed, and declared that the Contract of Carriage evidenced hereby is a Contract for Carriage at the owner’s risk. This means that the company as the carrier will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged unless the company intentionally loses or damages them. We recommend you speak to your house and contents insurance provider or contact our insurance partner. please report any damage and anything missing within 24 hr.